Uncoiler & Coil Car

Uncoiler for PU Sandwich Panel Production Line
  • Uncoiler for lower and upper facing. Uncoiler units including coil loader, pressing rollers,band edge control system, band delivery drivers, shearing, band connecting stations,looping station, delivery roller table.
  • Advantage: Time-saving(and therefore also cost-saving) continuous coil and band exchange standstill of the facility.
PU Sandwich Panel Production Line
  • 1. Dcarrying heavy weight. The aircraft is a single-reel cantilevered unwinding machine, can carry 15 tons of coil material;
  • 2. easy feeding operation, stable and reliable operation. When the material on a single reel cantilevered unwinding machine, when the roll feed vehicles in place, until the clamping cylinder retracting clamping pressure, then the material even if the work is completed;
  • 3. unwinding, feeding at the same time, rapid rotation when changing volume, saving on feeding time, save Looper reserves.
Items Coil Car
Type 4-wheel driving by hydraulic power
Coil weight Max. 7 ton
Coil width Max. 1,255mm
Lift Hydraulic cylinder
traveling Geared motor
Rail 15kg rail
Items Uncoiler
Type Cantilever type moving left & Right (100mm)
Drum 4-link collapsible wedge
Loading capacity Max. 7 ton
Drum opening & closing distance Φ482 ~ Φ517mm
Drum opening & closing drive Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic uncoiler is widely used in steel structure workshop, steel villa, housing, supermarkets, air duct, public places.


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