Upper and lower platen

Upper and lower platen Upper and lower platen
    Working Platens
  • One fixed top plate and 4 movable platens for simultaneous and alternating loading/unloading.
  • Frame & Structure
  • Welded beam structure composed by steel beams. Every support point (for the beams, for the pistons, for the plates), are worked by CNC tool-machine to grant the parallelism during the assembling of the structure. Double rack and pinion system on the length and on the width to grant the perfect movement of the plates.
  • Heating Plate
  • Assembled solid steel plates predisposed for heating plant which uses water as heating liquid.
Items Type/Unit SP-PU-D
Color steel sandwich panel Specifications mm Width: 700 ~ 1000
Thickness: 30 to 150 custom length
Production line speed m/min 3~8
Double belt laminated conveyor length m 24m
The maximum temperature of the hot air circulation 70
Total power Kw 300
Line dimensions (L × W × H) mm About 86000×7000×3800
Stove power Kcal 200,000
Upper and lower platen

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