PU foaming machine

Discontinuous PU Sandwich Panel Production Line PU foaming machine
  • Each metering unit is separately fitted for the Polyol and Isocyanate, and consists of an axial piston pump, coupling, flanged A.C motor, pump support and safety valve. The pump output can be adjusted infinitely by hand-wheel and scales fitted to the pump housing.
Discontinuous PU Sandwich Panel Production Line
Items Type/Unit SP-PU-HP
Color steel sandwich panel Specifications mm Width: 700 ~ 1000
Thickness: 30 to 150 custom length
Production line speed m/min 3~8
Double belt laminated conveyor length m 24m
The maximum temperature of the hot air circulation 70
Total power Kw 300
Line dimensions (L × W × H) mm About 86000×7000×3800
Stove power Kcal 200,000

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