• Uncoiler is drive type, and is installed two each at the upper part and the lower part separately. It is very difficult for the flexible facing such as paper, minerals hear non woven, aluminum foil differently on steel plate to entry into a double belt conveyor when it is untied from uncoiler. So, auto centering device(E.P.C.) and tension control device should be installed to the uncoiler.
    Facing materials : Soda kraft paper, Aluminium foil, mineral shear non oven, etc.
PU Sandwich Panel Production Line
Items Uncoiler
Type Cantilever type moving left & Right (100mm)
Drum 4-link collapsible wedge
Loading capacity Max. 7 ton
Drum opening & closing distance Φ482 ~ Φ517mm
Drum opening & closing drive Hydraulic cylinder

The system is quick construction science, time-saving, lower construction costs, improve efficiency and achieve energy efficiency goals, the product will not only improve the decoration of residential building insulation quality, especially for office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, residential and other energy-saving wall insulation outer wall decoration and renovation of old buildings, renovation.


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