Phenolic/PU/Rock Wool Shrink Film Packaging Machines

Phenolic/PU/Rock Wool Shrink Film Packaging Machine is specially used for shrink wrapping of exterior wall thermal insulation board materials, which can make high-efficiency shrink wrapping of thermal insulation board materials.

Main Features:
The Shrink Film Packaging is one of the more advanced packaging methods in the international market. By this method, the packaging of goods will be beautiful-looking and shrink film close to the goods tightly. So it is also called skin packaging. It is suitable for a variety of different shapes of goods packaging. Compared to other packaging way, its cost is lower, and it can improve the product outside looking and sense of value. Shrink packaging products can be sealed, moisture, anti-pollution, and has a certain buffering effect, can reduce the damage caused by external shocks on the product, especially when the packaging containers to prevent the flying when the vessels broke. In addition, lower commodity demolished, lower the possibility of theft. Phenolic / PU / rock wool heat shrinkable packer is professionally applied in external insulation board materials, shrink packaging, you can make the high efficiency of the insulation board materials, shrink packaging, but also can be used for wood, steel, building materials, ceramics, household appliances and other types of construction materials of the packaging. Applicable to a variety of shrink film.
1. Drying room is fit for various packing films (such as PE, PVC, POF and so on).
2. From the entrance to the exit, there are three areas of thermal controls in the drying room. Customers could control temperatures of different areas according to the difference of the products and the packing films.
3. There is a heating system at the bottom of drying room and temperature control system to make the input products well-distributed.
4. There is an inner-loop hot air circulating convective system in drying room, which makes the films even during shrinking. It improves thermal efficiency and saves the energy.
5. It adopts chain type and rolling type to deliver products, which does not block the heat transfer during delivery, and makes the products packaged evenly.

Company and service advantages:

1.The company workshop 40,000 square meters, has introduced the first-class multi-station machining center, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines and other high-precision processing equipment. Such as the value of 4.5 million yuan 3mx8m gantry machining center, and the value of 300 million yuan 2.5 mx12m gantry milling machine.

2.The company has a professional The Adjuster team, 24 hours to provide uninterrupted after-sales service.
(1) Installation and debugging
Equipment arrived at the customer workshop, according to the flat layout of our equipment. We will arrange experienced technicians to install, debug and test-produce the equipment, and make the equipment reach the rated production capacity of the production line.
(2) Training
Our company provides technical training for our customers. The training includes the structure and maintenance of the equipment, the control and operation of the equipment, experienced technicians will guide and establish the training program. After training, the buyer's technical personnel can master the operation and maintenance of the equipment, can adjust the process and deal with different failures.

3.After-sales quality problems within 2 hours to answer, if the telephone video guidance can not be solved, domestic 24 hours to send engineers to the site to solve the problem.

4. Factory direct sales price concessions, 40,000 square meters factory, 20 years of Export Enterprises, CE certification, patents more than 50 items.

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