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The phenolic/PU soft surface sandwich panel automatic production line is mainly composed of soft surface uncoiling system, phenolic foaming system, PU high pressure foaming system, double belt laminating machine, double belt machine heating system, cutting system, stacking system, packing system and so on.
Project condition:
Annual output:600000-800000㎡
Production line length:about 90 m
Labors : about 6
Double belt laminating machine :24m
Double belt machine heating method :Electric heating
Project background:
The client of this project specializes in the production of phenolic/PU soft-surface insulation boards. Soft-surface phenolic/PU insulation board is an ideal material for multi-functional new buildings. It has various superior performances such as heat preservation and fire prevention. It can be used in air conditioning pipes, air ducts, building insulation, etc., and can also be used in various cold storages, clean rooms, air conditioning rooms, communication base stations and other places. Due to its good thermal insulation effect, high strength, beautiful appearance, convenient construction and short construction period, it has become an ideal new building material in today's building materials, and is widely used. However, the traditional production line equipment has a low degree of automation, high labor costs, very low product accuracy and equipment quality, and low production efficiency. After the production line is put into production, it runs well and the output is stable, which brings huge economic benefits to customers.:
Project advantage:
The production line adopts domestic and foreign advanced phenolic/polyurethane technology, composite transmission technology, numerical control servo control technology, frequency conversion vector control technology and hydraulic control technology. The entire line requires only five to seven operators to operate normally. The characteristics of this production line are: high degree of automation, fast production efficiency, simple operation, low production cost and saving investment cost.