Cross cutter by band saw & Disk saw for overlapping cutting for roof panel

The perfect cutting unit has to have the cutting speed is synchronized with the panel conveying speed.
This cutting unit has to be also operated by the manual or automatic control.

Cross cutter by band saw:
Main feature:
1.The perfect cutting unit has to have the cutting speed is synchronized with the panel conveying speed.
2.This cutting unit has to be also operated by the manual or automatic control.
3.The gantry is set at the rear and the saw unit is positioned at the right-hand side as viewed from direction of production. In this position, the band saw blade may also be exchanged.
4.The cross cutter is designed in such a way that the saw band can be changed without production stop since the exchange takes only 1~2 minute. 
5.The double belt line conveys the sandwich panel at a pre-adjusted speed.
6.An incremental encoder is installed at the turning shaft of the double belt measures the length of the endless panel.
7.The pulses are transferred to the microprocessor control of the saw.
8.he band saw waits for the start signal depending on the panel length and then accelerates the X-axle to maximum speed so that the speeds of the endless panel and the band saw are equal.
9. After synchronization of both speeds and offset control, the clamping units are pneumatically actuated to clamp the front and back of panel and then the band saw carries out the first cut from left to right front directionThe saw unit is in motion until the second blade section has also left the cut. The cut panel is lying on a non-driven roller conveyor and is pushed out of the operating area of the saw by the panel coming from behind.The saw unit returns to the starting position at a maximum speed and turns about 180.  At this position the band saw waits for the next start signal (depending on the length of the sandwich panel) and the above described procedure starts again. 
10.Cutting direction is now from right to left.
11.Operating panel is equipped out of housing and Panel can be automatically cut without worker in case the data of panel length and quantity.
12.Automatic or manual work is optional and manual work is used for cutting to a desired length of panel once panel is cut by automatic work. 
Tchnical parameters:

Dimensions Approx. 2,000 (L) x 5,200(W) x 5,020 mm (H)
Saw unit
Saw drive
Cutting speed 10~50 m/min., infinitely adjustable
Cutting width Max. 1,300 mm
Cutting thickness Max. 200 mm
Diameter of tread wheel Approx. 2000 mm
Specifications (modules)
Band saw width 16 ~ 25 mm
Band saw length Approx. 7,300 mm
Traversing axle
Cutting accuracy ±2mm
Angle accuracy ±1 mm at 1,000 mm in panel width

Cutting unit Main frame / band saw drive / turning device / Driven by speed synchronization motor
Shifting device from rear to front (panel moving direction) Shift by air cylinder / max. speed : 25m/min
Clamping device to right (Cutting direction) Mounted in the rear and front and clamped by an upper clamping device.
Upper parts driven by two air cylinders and lower parts by two air cylinder.
          Upper : Æ80mm × 200mm – 4ea  
          Lower :  Æ80mm × 50mm – 4ea
Designed for containing panel vibration, softening the cut parts and anti-noise
Electrical control device
Cutting capacity Minimum cut length:2,000mm at 6m/min. 
Panel thickness:35~ 200mm
   Machine follow the max. production       speed (10m/min.)
Cleaning unit Cleaning unit : suction channel and brush hoses, Cleaning roll
Circular saw for overlapping cutting for roof panel
Main feature:
1.The perfect cutting unit has to have the cutting speed is synchronized with the panel conveying speed. This cutting unit has to be also operated by the manual or automatic control.
2.The gantry is set at the front of band saw unit.
3.The width adjustable between bans saw and circular saw.
Adjustable range 100~300mm
Type Flying cutting type
Saw quantity 1 set
Cutting speed Same as band saw
Cutting width Max 1,300mm
Cutting thickness 30 ~200mm
Diameter of Circular saw Approx. 400mm
Cleaning unit Suction channel and brush hoses, Cleaning roll
Cutting Scrap Removal device for the both side

Company and service advantages:

1.The company workshop 40,000 square meters, has introduced the first-class multi-station machining center, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines and other high-precision processing equipment. Such as the value of 4.5 million yuan 3mx8m gantry machining center, and the value of 300 million yuan 2.5 mx12m gantry milling machine.

2.The company has a professional The Adjuster team, 24 hours to provide uninterrupted after-sales service.
(1) Installation and debugging
Equipment arrived at the customer workshop, according to the flat layout of our equipment. We will arrange experienced technicians to install, debug and test-produce the equipment, and make the equipment reach the rated production capacity of the production line.
(2) Training
Our company provides technical training for our customers. The training includes the structure and maintenance of the equipment, the control and operation of the equipment, experienced technicians will guide and establish the training program. After training, the buyer's technical personnel can master the operation and maintenance of the equipment, can adjust the process and deal with different failures.

3.After-sales quality problems within 2 hours to answer, if the telephone video guidance can not be solved, domestic 24 hours to send engineers to the site to solve the problem.

4. Factory direct sales price concessions, 40,000 square meters factory, 20 years of Export Enterprises, CE certification, patents more than 50 items.

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