Rock wool automatic feeding system

Rock wool automatic feeding system The whole rock wool system is composed of lifting machine, slitter cutting machine, 90° turn over row, dust removal device etc.

Main feature:
Features of Zhongji Company's rock wool conveying system:
1. The rock wool conveying system only needs a pair of forklifts to place the rock wool on the conveying roller table, and the rock wool can be lifted and conveyed by the conveyor. The front conveying raceway of the hoisting device adopts a chain plate type conveying raceway, which can protect the head of the rock wool and reduce the damage and deformation of the head of the rock wool board.
2. The conveying device has a plane correction function to ensure that the thickness of the product is consistent and to avoid the impact of different thicknesses of rock wool on product quality.
3. The slitting machine consists of two sets of four groups with a rotary devices. The set 8 slitting widths can be automatically selected through the touch screen, and the width can be automatically changed within a few seconds. Generally, it takes 3-4 hours to replace the knife box. hours, and it takes 2-3 hours to become proficient, which greatly improves the production efficiency and avoids the
The environmental pollution caused by the replacement of the tool box and the harm to personnel, the most important thing is that the size deviation caused by human operation often affects the quality of the product during the process of replacing the tool box. At the same time, the mechanism can perform toothless cutting of glass wool to achieve dust-free cutting.
4. The system has the function of width trimming, no need to manually remove the edge material.
5. The rock wool 90-degree overturning device adopts the method of mechanical forced pause and passage to realize continuous rotary motion feeding, and at the same time, the rock wool strip is forced to not overturn by turning over the partition. Reach 100% (under the premise of ensuring the density and quality of rock wool). 
It is guaranteed that the maximum thickness of rock wool can be 50-300mm. At present, the domestic rock wool conveying lines are all 50-150mm.
6. The rock wool strips are staggered back and forth through the cylinder device to avoid the joints of the rock wool board in a straight line and increase the bearing strength of the rock wool composite board.
7. Our company has a patent for trapezoidal bar
8. The system is equipped with a high-power vacuum device to ensure less floating particles in the production workshop and to ensure the health of the staff.
A. Rock wool elevator
Functional composition:
The roller conveys the stacked rock wool into the lifting device; the hoisting device lifts the stacked rock wool that decreases in turn; the propulsion device pushes the lifted rock wool board to the conveyor roller table of the slitting cutting machine.
The lifting machine is composed of conveying roller table, lifting device, propulsion device and so on.
Technical parameter:

Conveyor Roller Specifications  
Roller length 6000 mm
Applicable raw materials 2400mm×1200mm×100mm (length X width X height)
Roller height about 500 mm
Lifting table specifications  
Maximum load 2 T
Lifting table length 2400 mm
Lifting stroke 1000 mm

B. Automatic slitting machine
Process flow:
Loading of rock wool pallets—the conveyor conveys the panel forward—the lifting device lifts the rock wool—the propulsion device sends out the rock wool panel (to the slitting machine)
Function and composition:
The front pinch roller drives the rock wool sheet into the cutting device; the cutting device cuts the rock wool sheet into strips. According to the thickness of the composite board, the slitting knife shaft is equipped with a series of slitting knives and different slitting knife spacing (50mm, 75mm , 100mm, 125mm); the rear pinch roller conveys the rock wool sliver to the corner conveying device, and the corner conveying device conveys the rock wool sliver 90° turn and conveys the board to the main line.
The slitting machine is composed of front pinch roller, cutting device, rear pinch roller, corner conveying device, and self-contained side trimming device.
Technical parameter:

Slitting knife diameter Φ400 ㎜ (meet the thickness cutting requirements of rock wool glass wool board)
Tool (one set of 4 sets: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm)
Applicable raw materials 2400mm×1200mm×100mm (length X width X height)
Main motor power 11 kw

C. 90° overturning the entire process:
Pinch roller feeding - automatic rotary cutting device cutting rock wool sheet - pinch roller output - conveying device conveying rock wool sliver 90 turn - guiding conveyor belt conveying rock wool strip
Function and composition:
1. The guide conveyor belt conveys the rock wool strips into the turning device; the turning device turns the rock wool strips 90°, so that the cutting surface of the rock wool strips faces upward, and accumulates the turned rock wool strips; the corner conveying device conveys the rock wool strips for 90° turning , the whole line device transports a row of rock wool strips to the main production line.
2. The 90° rollover arrangement consists of a guide conveyor belt, a turning device, a corner conveying device, and an aligning device.
main feature:
3. Mitsubishi servo motors are used for the deceleration motor of the overturned conveyor belt to ensure the speed and accuracy of the overturning and to achieve precise positioning.
4. The rock wool strip staggering device staggers the rock wool strips back and forth, avoids the concentration of the rock wool strips in the gaps, and increases the bearing strength of the rock wool composite board.
Technical parameter:

Guide conveyor belt specifications  
Workpiece width 2400 ㎜
Roller height about 2000㎜
Flip device  
Flip angle 90°
Workpiece height about 2000 ㎜
Workpiece width 2400 ㎜
Rock wool board width 1200 ㎜

Process flow:
Rock wool sliver feeding—turning device flips rock wool sliver—rock wool sliver accumulation—rock wool sliver 90° turn—arranged device sends out rock wool sliver neatly
D. Trimming and grooving device
Function and composition:
The slotting device can trim and slot the side of the panel according to the width and shape of the plate; the trimming and slotting device can be adjusted horizontally.
The grooving device is composed of conveying roller table, grooving device, edge trimming device, pressing roller, side guide device, etc.
The design of the grooving device is to make the process structure of the device as compact and beautiful as possible under the premise of considering the synchronization problem of conveying and fully meeting the requirements of plate grooving, so as to save a certain production space.
main feature
The slotting device can realize the milling of the decorative strip in the middle of the plate, and the rotary device is also used, which can realize four different plate surface shapes, and the produced plate shape has a stronger three-dimensional effect and is more beautiful.
With this function, customers can upgrade according to different needs.
It is a technology that all domestic and European manufacturers do not have.
Technical parameter:

Width adjustment meet the width of partition wall 500--1135 ㎜
Cutting speed 2~10m/min
Slotting to meet plate thickness 50 ㎜/75 mm/100 mm/125mm/150mm/180mm/200mm
Lower plate height (roller table) about 1250 ㎜
Working height about 1600 ㎜
Roller width ≥1300 ㎜

E. Dust collection device
Function and composition:
The dust collection device is composed of fans, filters, air ducts, etc. The bag filter adopts a filter cartridge type dust collector (imported polyester filter material), which can automatically collect the dust and iron filings generated during the sheet sawing process to ensure that the impact and pollution on the environment are minimized.
Technical parameter:

Fan air volume minimum 20000 cubic meters / hour
Drive motor power 37 kw
Cleaning pressure (5-7)*10
Air consumption for cleaning 1.2 m/min

Company and service advantages:

1.The company workshop 40,000 square meters, has introduced the first-class multi-station machining center, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines and other high-precision processing equipment. Such as the value of 4.5 million yuan 3mx8m gantry machining center, and the value of 300 million yuan 2.5 mx12m gantry milling machine.

2.The company has a professional The Adjuster team, 24 hours to provide uninterrupted after-sales service.
(1) Installation and debugging
Equipment arrived at the customer workshop, according to the flat layout of our equipment. We will arrange experienced technicians to install, debug and test-produce the equipment, and make the equipment reach the rated production capacity of the production line.
(2) Training
Our company provides technical training for our customers. The training includes the structure and maintenance of the equipment, the control and operation of the equipment, experienced technicians will guide and establish the training program. After training, the buyer's technical personnel can master the operation and maintenance of the equipment, can adjust the process and deal with different failures.

3.After-sales quality problems within 2 hours to answer, if the telephone video guidance can not be solved, domestic 24 hours to send engineers to the site to solve the problem.

4. Factory direct sales price concessions, 40,000 square meters factory, 20 years of Export Enterprises, CE certification, patents more than 50 items.

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