This process is designed to stack finished panels efficiently at the production speed.
It is very important that the stacking speed should not be slower than panel production speed.
It is possible to stack panels by an automatic or manual operation.

Stacker capacity:

Minimum length 2,000mm at 5m/min.
Piling height 200 ~ 1,000mm
Panel thickness 30 ~ 150mm
Cover width 1,000mm
Length Max.15m (stacker length : 14m)
Weight Max.17kg/m2

1. High speed conveyor
Conveying the cut panel (single panel) from cross cutter to stopper conveyor by high speed.
Type Roller Driving Type
Drive 2 Hp, AC Motor
Frame C-Channel 60 ´ 200mm
Conveyor Roller Æ88mm × 1,333.6mm (L) (Rubber Coated)
Conveyor Size 1,222mm(H) × 1,340mm(W) × approx. 15,000 mm (L)

2. Stopper conveyor
This unit is the last conveyor where the panels from hi-speed stand by to be lifted to the stacker and is able to cover the max. 18m panel in length. It has the stoppage device to smoothly stop the panel that is moved at high speed.
Type Roller Driving Type
Drive 1 Hp, AC Motor ´ 4 Ea
Conveyor Roller Æ88mm × 1,333.6mm(L) (Rubber Coated)
Conveyor Size 1,222mm(H) × 1,340mm(W) × approx. 18,000 mm (L)
Panel Stopper Air Cylinder (Æ40mm × 75mm)

3. Stacker
This unit convey the panels from the stopper conveyor, to the stacking conveyor or movable pallet while absorbing the panels by the vacuum pad.
Type Panel stacking by air suction
Vacuum pad size Æ150-70 ea
Lifting up-down by Air Suction Worm screw twisting by lack
Gear Up-down length Approx. 1,500mm
Traveling Range Approx. 2.000mm
Suction Valve Æ25 × 100mm stroke Air
Cylinder Drive system
Stacking part Induction motor (AC 15Hp) Reducer --> worm reducer (1/60) Jointing --> chain coupling
Traveling part Induction motor (AC 7.5Hp) Reducer: worm reducer (1/30) Jointing: chain coupling

4. Turnover device
This unit overturns (rotate through 180o) the roof panels to achieve a space saving stacking of panels with stacking the roof panels into each other.
Type Panel Lift & Turnover by Air Suction
Vacuum pad size Æ125-30EA
Conveyor size 1,222mm(H) × 1,340mm(W) × approx. 11,000 mm (L)
Conveyor roll Æ90mm × 1,200(L)mm
Adjusting cylinder Air cylinder (Æ80mm, 200 stroke-16sets)
Turning drum Approx. Æ90mm
Conveyor drive Free rolling
Turning drive AC 10Hp, 3 Hp pump
Jointing Chain coupling (#CR6018)

Company and service advantages:

1.The company workshop 40,000 square meters, has introduced the first-class multi-station machining center, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines and other high-precision processing equipment. Such as the value of 4.5 million yuan 3mx8m gantry machining center, and the value of 300 million yuan 2.5 mx12m gantry milling machine.

2.The company has a professional The Adjuster team, 24 hours to provide uninterrupted after-sales service.
(1) Installation and debugging
Equipment arrived at the customer workshop, according to the flat layout of our equipment. We will arrange experienced technicians to install, debug and test-produce the equipment, and make the equipment reach the rated production capacity of the production line.
(2) Training
Our company provides technical training for our customers. The training includes the structure and maintenance of the equipment, the control and operation of the equipment, experienced technicians will guide and establish the training program. After training, the buyer's technical personnel can master the operation and maintenance of the equipment, can adjust the process and deal with different failures.

3.After-sales quality problems within 2 hours to answer, if the telephone video guidance can not be solved, domestic 24 hours to send engineers to the site to solve the problem.

4. Factory direct sales price concessions, 40,000 square meters factory, 20 years of Export Enterprises, CE certification, patents more than 50 items.

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