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The polyurethane/rock wool color steel sandwich panel production line is mainly composed of uncoiling system, film cutting (with trimming and winding), forming machine system, preheating furnace, high pressure foaming system, rock wool automatic feeding system, two groups  low pressure side foaming system, upper and lower rock wool glue spraying system, double-belt main machine, double-belt heating system, cutting system, stacking system, packing system and other equipment.
Project condition:
Annual output:800000~1000000㎡
Whole line length:about 200 m
Double-belt effective length:24 m
Double belt heating method:Natural gas heating/electric heating

Project advantage:
The production line adopts domestic and foreign advanced roll forming technology, HCFC polyurethane foaming technology, composite conveying technology, numerical control servo control technology, frequency conversion vector control technology and hydraulic control technology. The entire line requires only five to seven operators to operate normally. The characteristics of this production line are: high degree of automation, fast production efficiency, simple operation, low production cost and saving investment cost.
Project background:
The client of this project specializes in the production of polyurethane/rock wool color steel sandwich panels. With the rapid development of modern urban construction and the rise of industrialized workshops and other buildings, steel structure buildings have been widely used in various urban buildings, office buildings, various modern industrial plants and civil buildings and other fields. With the rapid growth of demand for and roofing materials, polyurethane composite board (rock wool composite board) is a new generation of decorative wall enclosure materials and roofing materials, and is the most popular new generation of steel structure building materials. It has the function of enclosure and thermal insulation, and also has the role of decoration. It is the only new wall building material that can integrate enclosure, decoration and thermal insulation. The traditional production line equipment has low degree of automation, high labor cost, very low product accuracy and equipment quality, and low production efficiency. After many inspections, the customer decided to invest in the automatic production line of polyurethane/rock wool color steel sandwich panel of Zhongji Machinery. , The production line runs well after it is put into production, and the output is stable, which has brought huge economic benefits to customers.