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EPSBE1600 model batch pre-expander and Korean Technology EPS Block Molding Machine(size:6080x1240x640mm); Density range: 4kg/m- 55kg/m;

Project condition:
Raw material:expandable EPS
Products: EPS foam block/ EPS foam sheet
Annual capacity:Above 2000 ton
Project background:
The customer of this project is a manufacturer of EPS foam blocks, and the downstream customers cover from mold-free packaging, external wall insulation, EPS color steel sandwich to lost foam casting and engraving. Because the products produced by normal block molding machines usually have high moisture content, the internal adhesion of the plates is not stable enough, and high-density plates cannot be produced, which cannot meet some high-demand downstream customers. Therefore, the customer finally chose Shanghai Zhongji brand through various inspections and comparisons. EPSBE1600 model batch pre-expander and Korean Technology EPS Block Molding Machine can meet the needs of various directions. The quality of EPS sheets produced by the client of this project is excellent and stable, and the Korean Technology EPS Block Molding Machine is more energy-saving, which improves the profit margin and competitiveness, and the market share continues to expand.
Project advantage:
1. Accurate foaming density: Zhongji brand 1600 model batch pre-expander adopts advanced processing technology, adopts Japanese Yoshida GP2000 pressure reducing valve and Korean material level vibrating rod, and strictly controls the stability of steam pressure in the foaming barrel to ensure the The bubble density is precise.
2. Low moisture content of the finished block: The unique air intake pipeline structure and heating program setting of the Korean block molding machine, combined with the vacuum system, the moisture content of the produced board is 80%-200% lower than that of the ordinary machine.
3. Good adhesion of the product board: the mold cavity adopts a wedge-shaped grid structure, the steam penetrates evenly, the product is easy to disassemble and clean, easy to demould, and the block has good adhesion.
4. Saving steam: The machine adopts a sliding door structure, the cavity pre-cooling area is small, the steam heating time is short, and the pipeline structure is more advanced. Compared with ordinary machines, it can save about 2-4 tons of steam per ton of raw materials. .
5. High-density block can be produced: stainless steel cavity plus high-strength clamping structure, the highest density block can be produced 60kg/m³.