Vertical 3D Panel Assembling Machine

The vertical 3D panel assembling machine has an automatic wire feeding system and an automatic wire cutting system and has an advanced pre-piercing system to reduce welding leakage. Can make both wall panel and roof panel. Panel thickness can reach 300mm.

Main Features:

1. Automatic wire feeding system, automatic wire cutting system.

2. Advanced pre-piercing system to reduce welding leakage.

3. It is used to weld 3 structural boards with cross-inclined steel wires between the upper and lower flat meshes and the EPS or rock wool fixing boards.

Technical parameters:

Product Dimension (L×W×T)2450-6000mm×1200mm(EPS or rock wool thickness:50-300mm)
Production capacity 6.5 s/step or 60 m2/h
Welding intensity pull off force for each spot ≥680
3D Panel Diagonal Error ≤10mm
3D Panel Lateral Bend ≤L/650MM
3D Panel Welding Defect Rate ≤8%
Steel Wire Diameter φ2.0mm-φ3.0mm
Main Machine Size (L×W×T)16000mm×1850mm×2650mm
Weight 8000Kg
Power 380V/50HZ/100KVA
With pre-inserting system
Main machine 1 set,wire roller 30 sets,electrical box 1 pc

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