Italian Technology EPS/EPP Shape Molding Machine

The Italian technology EPS/EPP shaping molding machine utilizes the unique mature technology of Italy, and add electrical accessories of world famous brands.

Main Features:
1. Machine structure: The equipment structure is composed of steel, electric welding, sandblasting and epoxy painting.
2. The mold air chamber and support are welded with conventionally treated and anti-corrosion treated steel.
3. The guide of the moving mold has four struts, guide bushes with self-lubricating function, and is operated by two hydraulic cylinders.
4. The movement of the moving mold chamber is controlled by an encoder with an accuracy of 2/10mm, which controls the automatic zero return each time and the automatic preheating.
5. Quick mold change device: the mold is assembled in the production process of the equipment, with all the required accessories and connectors and additional mold support parts, the equipment is only stopped for a few minutes, so as to complete: the locking of the mold support, the connection, Two quick connectors, one connector for quick water filling, quick connectors for silo and ejector.
6. The machine mainly includes the following parts: industrial PLC with software to control production, quick mold change system, hydraulic power unit, load pressure, hoist, pressure setting by proportional control with PC between two steam chambers, movement by encoder Enables position control for simple and fully automated management throughout the production cycle, provides menus that have been defined and tested by the operator, at the same time offers a wide range of sequences and combinations for easy modification and use, a series of technical documentation instructions: use and maintenance, Appliances, documentation for loading material on silo, mold size specification, manual supervision procedure.

Technical parameters:

Item   EPSSM1600
Fixed mold size mm 1600x1350
Moving mold size mm 1600x1350
Maximum mold ruler: smaller than fixed side mm 100x100
Fixed mold depth mm 100
Moving mold depth mm 240
Moving stroke mm 1000
Molding period s/cycle 60-110S
Hopper n./l 2 x 250
Ejector and filling gun n 24 +24
Vol/size n./mm 4 x 100
Cylinder/steam pipe size n./mm 2 x 100
Jack additional lock n. 4
Weight Kg 15,000
Steam   7-10kg/ per kg raw material
Soften water(4÷5 bar ) mold cooling m3/h 1.3
Soften water( 0.5÷1.5 bar ) steam-vacuum m3/h 5
Compressed air l/min 1000/1500
Power KW 19
Voltage 380v 50hz  

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