EPS Automatic Continuous Block Cutting Lines

EPS automatic continuous block cutting machine adopts PLC programmable industrial controller and computer touch screen. Control the motor to drive the chain drive to realize the automatic positioning and continuous walking of the EPS sheet.

Main Features:
1. The machine uses the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and Touch Screen to achieve the automatic positioning and continuous moving of the EPS Panel. The machine controls the motor to drive the transmission chain, at the same time makes use of the resistance wires to cut out the required EPS Sheets.
2. The machine uses the Horizontal and Vertical Cutting Wires to achieve the 3D (Three-Dimensional) Cutting of the EPS Blocks.
3. The machine has a specially made 10KVA Transformer with multiple sockets, to which the Horizontal Cutting frame can use 60 electric hot wires at the same time, the Vertical Cutting frame can use 20 electric hot wires at the same time. The Transformer has a large capacity, at the same time can smoothly regulate the voltage by using the voltage regulator.
4. The machine uses the Frequency-Speed Regulator that makes the speed regulation convenient, stable frequency, and to smoothly cut the EPS Blocks of stable dimensions.
5. The efficiency of this machine is 3~5 times as that of the ordinary Cutting Machine.
6. Customer can optionally select the machine for automatically collecting and crushing the side-scraps.
7. The client can choose vibrating cutting and wire auto adjusting system. The vibrating cutting can improve the cutting speed and accuration. It is especially suitable for coated EPS block cutting.

Technical parameters:

No. Item Type/Unit EPSBC4000/L EPSBC5000/L EPSBC6000/L
1 Max. Cut Product Dimension mm 4050 5080 6080
2 Min. Cutting Thickness mm 10 10 10
3 Cutting Speed m/min 0-4.5
(frequency-conversion timing)
(frequency-conversion timing)
(frequency-conversion timing)
4 Number of Hot Wires working simultaneously Piece 50 50 50
5 Hot Wire Specification mm 0.4-0.8 0.4-0.8 0.4-0.8
6 Motor Power Supply kw 38 40 45
7 T ransformer Capacity kw 36 36 36
8 Max. Outer Dimension mm 25000X1600X2400 29000X1600X2400 34000X1600X2400
9 Machine Net Weight kg 2800 3200 3800

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