Plywood glue machine

The laminating machine is designed for the laminating assembly line with a small surface area, including building materials, furniture, textiles, automobiles, sports equipment and other industries. Main application: Purification Board, Fire Door, Wall Board, home board and other composite board.

Main feature:
1. Scope of application: This type of glue coating machine is designed for the sandwich panel assembly line with a small coating area, including building materials, furniture, textiles, automobiles, sporting goods and other industries.
2. Mainly applicable: purification panels, fire doors, wall panels, home panels and other composite panels.
3. Applicable glue: one-component glue (such as: polyurethane glue), the viscosity range is 100 – 20000mPa.s, two-component glue (such as: polyurethane glue), the viscosity range is 100 – 20000mPa.s.
4. Function introduction: The glue coating machine is used to accurately measure single-component glue or two-component glue and evenly spray it on the surface of the workpiece.
5. Equipped with functions: according to the characteristics of the glue, it can be equipped with functions such as automatic feeding, automatic heating, automatic cleaning, nitrogen filling protection, and overpressure alarm.
6. Working principle: Since the glue should not be in contact with the air too much, the entire glue circuit is designed as a closed type, namely: raw material large glue barrel (200L) → chemical automatic feeding pump → main engine intermediate tank → filtering → precision metering → spraying.
Technical parameters:



The main function

Longitudinal movement of the two-axis actuator (X axis: the lateral movement of the spray head on the line rail;  Y axis: the upper and lower manual adjustment of the spray head); Built-in automatic glue application program (the glue spray track is determined by the manufacturer, and the workpiece margin can be adjusted Manual setting); The left and right stations are automatically cleaned after gluing; The glue storage bucket has automatic heating function

Power supply

Voltage 380V/220V, 50Hz

Maximum glue output


Coating width range


positioning accuracy


Low pressure foaming machine volume 30L
Automatic cleaning tank volume 18L
Electronic control system Independent control; automatic feeding system; with overcurrent, overload, short circuit protection
Service life Except for wearing parts, the design life of the equipment is ≥ 10 years

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