Stacking machine

The packing machine is a device that automatically completes the stacking of a single finished sandwich panel. It is one of the important machine of the entire line and an indispensable part for the production of high-quality sandwich panel.

Main feature:
1. This process effectively stacks the finished products on the premise of meeting the production speed.
2. The key point is that the stacking speed must be faster than the production speed.
3. The completed sheet (veneer) is conveyed and cut at high speed from the cross-cutting point to the stopper wire body.
4. The cutted panels are stacked one by one in the stacking area after passing through the stopper line. The stacked panels are automatically transferred to the packing line by the sliding assembly line (entering the line).
5. The stacking consists of high-speed moving conveyor rollers, high-speed conveyor parking device, roof panel turning device, horizontal push stacker, and conveyor rollers. The roof panel turning device can turn the odd-numbered roof panels by 180°, so that the corrugated matching of the panels saves space and doubles the stacking efficiency. The stacked panels are transported to the packing machine by conveying rollers.
6. Features: It adopts the form of push plate, and the manipulator holds the rotation mode:
During the first unloading, the surface of the board is not stressed, which protects the quality of the board surface and avoids the damage to the board surface caused by the traditional suction cup palletizing of polyurethane (rock wool) composite boards with a thickness of more than 100mm.
The second is to avoid the phenomenon of air leakage and falling of small corrugated boards with suction cups. The stacker configured in the production line adopts a disc electric rotating device, which must be safe and reliable. When the power is cut off and the air source is cut off at the same time, the lifting roller table, the clamping device, and the roller table can still keep the workpiece in its original state, and the power is self-locking. It is easy to restore
7. Power-on and ventilation or manual processing, safe and reliable.
8. The stacking machine is turned over by adjusting the frequency converter to make the acceleration and deceleration smooth. After reaching the predetermined position, it will brake quickly and position accurately. The rollover roller table and push plate device are stable and reliable, and the stacking is neat.
technical parameter:



Fast roller motor power


Fast roller conveyor speed

30m/min (with frequency control)

Conveyor roller motor power after stacking


Conveyor roller speed after stacking


Hydraulic station motor power


Air pressure


Crane lifting speed


Crane moving speed


Suction cup lift stroke


Beam travel distance


Crane lifting motor power

9.5 kw

stacking board length

Max 16m

stacking width

Max 1200mm

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(1) Installation and debugging
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(2) Training
Our company provides technical training for our customers. The training includes the structure and maintenance of the equipment, the control and operation of the equipment, experienced technicians will guide and establish the training program. After training, the buyer's technical personnel can master the operation and maintenance of the equipment, can adjust the process and deal with different failures.

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