Roll forming machine

The machine adopts roll forming technology, punching technology, automatic stacking technology and industrial automation control technology to realize fully automatic production.

Production process:
Loading → cutting and feeding  → feeding and leveling → plate trimming → fixed-length punching → roll forming → forming and cutting → finished product stacking → lateral removal of the workpiece
Main structural form:
1. Leveling device
The leveling device consists of a series of leveling rollers and conveying rollers. After the plate fed by the conveying roller passes through the leveling roller, the unevenness of the plate is flattened, and the internal stress of the plate in the equipment can be reduced, which is more conducive to the processing of subsequent processes such as punching and forming. Users can adjust the gap between the flat rollers by using different manual adjustment and leveling according to different plates, so that the working effect of the leveling device can reach a good state.
2. Flat plate cutting device
The flat cutting device is placed after the leveling, and is used to cut off the head and tail of the hot-rolled steel coil after leveling, and it is used for other purposes to effectively utilize the sheet. The flat cutting device of the guardrail machine can help users save cutting materials, and is a cutting device with excellent performance.
3. Cutting edge scrap and edge scrap winding device
The waste edge cutting and waste edge winding device of the guardrail board machine is composed of a guide wheel and a cutter. During the forward process of the plate, the excess plates on one side are cut at the same time, so that the width of the plate meets the requirements of the finished plate.
Because the scrap is trimmed in the length direction of the board, the scrap will come out continuously. Therefore, a scrap winding device is set up to roll up the cut scrap to ensure the width of plate.
4. Punching device
The punching pressure of the guardrail machine is all provided by the same hydraulic station. The system consists of a press and a corresponding mold. The press provides power and motion guides for the mold. According to the existing plate shape specification process, 3 sets of punching mold need to be configured, and 3 sets of punching mold can realize the conversion of various mold production.
5. Roll forming machine
The forming  machine can be divided into two parts: the frame base and the forming frame. The frame base is welded by steel as a whole to ensure the overall rigidity and beautiful appearance of the product. The roller is made of D2 material. After quenching, it has high hardness and high wear resistance, which can further ensure the precision and size of the production plate shape, and help the machine to prolong the production life.
Technical parameter:





Effective working length




Track Chain Length




Track Chain Width




Double Chain plate material




Double Chain plate thickness




Company and service advantages:

1.The company workshop 40,000 square meters, has introduced the first-class multi-station machining center, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines and other high-precision processing equipment. Such as the value of 4.5 million yuan 3mx8m gantry machining center, and the value of 300 million yuan 2.5 mx12m gantry milling machine.

2.The company has a professional The Adjuster team, 24 hours to provide uninterrupted after-sales service.
(1) Installation and debugging
Equipment arrived at the customer workshop, according to the flat layout of our equipment. We will arrange experienced technicians to install, debug and test-produce the equipment, and make the equipment reach the rated production capacity of the production line.
(2) Training
Our company provides technical training for our customers. The training includes the structure and maintenance of the equipment, the control and operation of the equipment, experienced technicians will guide and establish the training program. After training, the buyer's technical personnel can master the operation and maintenance of the equipment, can adjust the process and deal with different failures.

3.After-sales quality problems within 2 hours to answer, if the telephone video guidance can not be solved, domestic 24 hours to send engineers to the site to solve the problem.

4. Factory direct sales price concessions, 40,000 square meters factory, 20 years of Export Enterprises, CE certification, patents more than 50 items.

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