EPS Thermo-Recycling Machine

EPS recycling granulator can utilize waste polystyrene materials of various shapes, and the cost of raw materials is low; the polystyrene particles produced by processing are not only uniform in size, but bright in color.

Main Features:
1. This machine is suitable for Scraps, EPS wastes, and recycling materials in EPS product manufacturing Plant.
2. Put the recycled EPS materials which are crushed inside the crusher into the EPS Thermo-Recycling Machine.

3. When the internal temperature of this machine is 140-190°C, the recycled EPS material will melt under high temperature to form a liquid, and then it will go through squeezing screw, and after cooling, will form bulk products.
4. The product, formed from the EPS recycled materials which have been processed inside the Thermo-Recycling Machine, can be used as raw materials for XPS or other plastic productions.

Technical parameters:

No. Item Unit EPSTR-B
1 Production Capacity Kg/h 120-180
2 Power Supply kw 31
3 Max. Outer Diameter mm 1950x1260x1860
4 Machine Net Weight kg 1200

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