EPS De-duster

The EPS de-duster removes dust and particles from the recycled material. The equipment has high temperature resistance filter material, stable operation and high work efficiency.

Main Features:
1. This machine is suitable for Scraps from the edges, EPS wastes, and the Reclycled material of EPS products manufacturing Plant.
2. The crusher breaks the EPS block at the joints, after been crushed, the diameter of the screened beads are uniform, fully filled, with less dust. After mixing with the fresh pre-expanded beads, and then do the forming again which is then used to produce various sizes of the EPS products.
3.The EPS De-duster will remove all dust and particles from the recyled EPS beads.
4. The Mixer will, with certain proportion, mix the recycled EPS beads without dust and the fresh EPS beads together; 5.The EPS Crusher can be supplied with EPS De-Duster and Mixer to form a complete set of EPS Recycling System.

Technical parameters:

No. Item Unit EPSDD-B
1 Production Capacity m3/h 25-30
2 Power Supply kw 7.5
3 Max. Outer Size mm 2800x1200x1500
4 Machine Net Weight kg 750

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