2 + 2 tilting laminating machine

The size of discontinuous polyurethane sandwich panel/refrigerated carriage panel production equipment reaches 3.5 m x 14 m, adopts double-side in and out form, the host can tilt; At present, it is the most advanced large-scale special equipment for hot-bonding and pressing of compound panel of Van Van, which can produce cold storage panel and large-scale panel. The equipment is composed of main frame, left and right moving conveying platform, carrying template, hydraulic driving lifting platform, hot pressing plate heating system, PLC control system, etc. .

Key features:
1. The fixed load formwork is made of steel plate with thickness of 60mm, the moving load formwork is made of steel plate with thickness of 80mm, which ensures that the polyurethane color steel plate with thickness of 250mm will not be deformed even when it is used for a long time, the work intensity is about 1.3 times of the rated work coefficient.
2. The temperature of the template is heated by heat-conducting oil, and the temperature of each template is controlled by the proportional valve. More accurate temperature control, energy saving.

Technical parameters:

Items parameters
Width 1200mm-3500mm
Length 3000-14000mm
Layer number of load template 5th floor, 2 in and 2 out (double in and out)
Production efficiency 30-40 min/cycle
Plate Surface roughness ≤Ra1.6mm
Up and down template lifting error ±0.5mm
Product surface smoothness ±0.05mm/㎡
The parallelism of the upper and lower planes of the loading template ±0.05mm
The clamping space 0~300mm
Load template temperature Room temperature-70 ° C adjustable
Heat transfer oil temperature Room temperature-300 ° C adjustable
Heating mold temperature machine power 30-75kw (second stop temperature control)
Load template moving speed 20 m/min
The lifting speed of lifting platform and pressing platform About 10 mm/s
The whole machine can be tilted angle 0-10 ° adjustable


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