1 + 1 continuous laminating machine

The hot press can produce compound purifying plate and polyurethane foam purifying plate on the spot, which is suitable for the processing of sandwich carriage plate/purifying plate in military cabin and the hot pressing molding of many kinds of composite materials, such as aluminum plate, fiberglass plate, PUR foam material sandwich plate pressure.

Key features:
The laminating machine is composed of main machine, heating system, hydraulic system and PLC control system. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, high working efficiency, etc. 

Technical parameters:
Items parameters
The length of the work piece 3000-14000mm 
Width of workpiece 1000-3000mm
The thickness of the workpiece ≤250mm
Flatness of heating plate ±0.05 mm/㎡
Heating time ≤90 min
ambient temperature of 20 ° C, reaching lower limit temperature of 60 ° C
Rated pressure 480T adjustable
Holding time ≤180min adjustable
Maximum opening height ≤300mm
Heating mode Electric heating (heat conduction oil)
Total power 50KW
External dimension of press Length35000× width 4400×height 2500(mm)

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