Six-component polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine

The multi-component continuous foaming machine made by our company has the characteristics of accurate measurement, adjustable density, fast speed and self-cleaning function of the gun head. By using self-developed emulsification technology, adding gas mixing device and emulsifying unit, the mixing uniformity and bubble uniformity of feed liquid are greatly improved. Under the same conditions, the density of the sandwich board is lower, the foam hole is more delicate, the thermal conductivity is lower, and the quality is higher.

Key features:
1. Emulsion pump unit (make nitrogen and polyether fully mixed, can reduce the density of sheet, improve the quality of foam) imported from Italy technology home-made.
2. Air quality flowmeter (accurate control of the ratio of raw materials and nitrogen) in the company's own research and development of special custom
3. POL high-pressure heat exchanger (used for accurate control of raw material temperature after pump) developed by china-jilin company
Four. ISO high pressure heat exchanger (used for accurate control of raw material temperature after pump) developed by china-jilin company.

Technical parameters:

Parameters  units
Amount of pouring per unit 800-4000g/s
Pouring head on the spray pressure range 6-18 mpa (adjustable)
Each component flow control system Automatic closed-loop flow control
The working nature of the unit High-voltage continuous operation
Volume of working material tank L polyether 300-500 L; L Isocyanate 300-500 L
Two-component flow rate (the mixing ratio is adjustable) L polyether 150-2000gss; L Isocyanate 150-2000gss
Material Temperature control error 2 × 6 kw, cooling: 25000 kcal/h (refrigerating capacity)
Compressed air pressure ≥0.6MPa

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