Two-component polyurethane high/low pressure foaming machine

The size of discontinuous polyurethane sandwich panel/refrigerated carriage panel production equipment reaches 3.5 m x 14 m, adopts double-side in and out form, the host can tilt; At present, it is the most advanced large-scale special equipment for hot-bonding and pressing of compound panel of Van Van, which can produce cold storage panel and large-scale panel. The equipment is composed of main frame, left and right moving conveying platform, carrying template, hydraulic driving lifting platform, hot pressing plate heating system, PLC control system, etc. .

Key features:
1. High/low pressure foaming machine system: material flow system, metering system, gas system, heating system, cleaning system, mixing device.
2. High/low pressure foaming machine production equipment is more suitable for automatic production line.
3. High/low pressure foaming machine is a polyurethane foaming equipment developed by our company on the basis of absorbing and digesting the technology of German company.
Four. It is mainly used in continuous polyurethane sandwich sheet foams.
5. The main parts of the imported equipment, the machine has high precision continuous injection, mixing uniform, stable performance, easy operation, high production efficiency and so on.

Technical parameters:

Parameters units
Amount of pouring per unit 400-900g/s
Pouring head on the spray pressure range 12-18Mpa,15Mpa
Pressure adjustment of pouring head Adjustable
Each component flow control system Automatic closed-loop flow control
The working nature of the unit High-voltage continuous operation
Volume of working material tank L polyether 300-500 L; L Isocyanate 300-500 L
Two-component flow rate (mixing ratio is adjustable) L polyether 50-500 GSS; L Isocyanate 50-500 GSS
Material Temperature control error 9 KW, cooling: 12,900 kcal/h
Compressed air pressure ≥0.6MPa

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