low pressure foaming mahcine

The low-pressure foaming machine production line is used to measure and mix two different liquid raw materials according to the proportion required by the process. In order to make the temperature of the raw liquid meet the foaming process requirements.

Main feature:
1. Material tank includes: two material tanks with a volume of 300L, jacket type, double-layer stainless steel, piping filter. The stirring power is 0.55kw×2, and the rotating speed is 60r/min.
2. Pump includes: two internal gear pumps, two gear motors, variable frequency speed regulation, power 1.5kw, 1.1kw speed, pressure digital display automatic control and adjustable. When the material ratio is 1:1, the discharge rate is 30-120g/s. Equipped with two sets of corresponding material pipes.
3. Mixing head includes: one high-speed mixing head, rotating speed 4500r/min, power 1.5kw, frequency conversion speed regulation. Two pneumatic switching ball valves, equipped with automatic cleaning device, the cleaning tank volume is 25L, the material is stainless steel, and equipped with corresponding cleaning valves and solenoid valves.
4. Material and liquid system: equipped with 5 chillers, corresponding water and liquid solenoid valves, and pipeline valves. The material temperature is digitally adjustable, with a switch; equipped with a heating water tank, the power is 6kw.
5. Automatic feeding device: Equipped with two pneumatic diaphragm pumps and upper and lower liquid level control switches.
6. Electrical control of the main engine: one electrical control box, which controls executive components such as motors, cylinders, electric heating pipes, and solenoid valves.
7. Using PLC manual-machine control, the pouring time (can be set arbitrarily), cleaning time, air blowing time, alarm time and pouring, cleaning and air blowing procedures can be preset.

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