Cooling System

Cooling system is one of the important links of sandwich panel production line, when customers want to produce PU panels, this kind of cooling conveyor is necessary. This cooling device can cool the PU board during the production process.

Main feature:
1. The main beams of the cooling bed of our company are all processed by gantry, and are connected by bolt positioning keys. The precision is extremely high, and it can bear the 200mm cold storage board for a long time without deformation.
2. ​​​Stable operation, good rigidity, three panels can enter and exit at the same time, to achieve the maximum utilization of cooling bed equipment.
3. The sheet passes through the over-roller table to the over-travel roller table 2, and then is transported by the rollers to the upper cooling bed roller table and then transported to the designated position.
4. The lifting mechanism lifts up and down, the synchronous belt transfers the plate laterally to the bottom of the fork, the cool panel spindle controls the plate to turn over about 90°, and the plate on the cool plate process is completed.
5. When the panel is placed under the cooling system, the panel is first turned over to the lower cooling plate roller table by the cooling plate fork assembly, and the plate is moved away from the fork by the outward moving mechanism, and then conveyed to the next process through the transition roller table.
Technical parameter:
Sandwich panel specifications Thickness 50-200mm, width: 600-1200mm, length 2-16m
Conveying (rubber-covered) roller speed 2-30m/min
Cooling bed turning speed 1-1.4m/min
Cooling bed motor power 7.5kw*2
Dimensions (L×W×H) the longest workpiece size is 16m and the width is 17m
The maximum number of panels conveyed by the cooling bed about 50 (when the production line is working normally)
Cooldown time approximately 1.5 hours
Fork width 360mm
Double plug spacing 1000mm
Pallet arm sleeve plastic sleeve, anti-composite board without scratches
Control automatically manually combined and linked with the front and back machine
Conveyor chain custom
Adjust the tension sleeve to ensure the synchronization of the pallet arm
The cooling time is based on the host speed of 6m/min,
16m long composite board,
1 piece to the yard,the cooling time

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