PU high pressure foaming machine

Polyurethane continuous high pressure foaming machine system consists of material flow system, metering system, gas system, heating system, cleaning system, mixing device, continuous high pressure foaming machine etc.

Main feature:
The most important parts of this unit is the Mixing head, Nozzle, High Pressure Pump and the Temperature Control of main components, Polyol and ISO. 
The high Pressure PU foaming machine is the crucial unit for proper panel production.
The flow volume of 4 components is measured and displayed and indicated on monitor.
The mixed PU material is outputted from outlet pipe of the mixing head onto the lower facing layer while moving crosswise along the Foaming Portal.
This machine mainly consists of
- 1 set of piping and flexible hose incl. mixing head, 
- 2 sets flow meter for Iso and Polyol
- 2 sets of Iso and Polyol pressure gauge for delivery side
- 2 components metering system for Iso and Polyol (A2VK 28cc)
- 2 sets mixing chambers
- 1 set of Pentane mixing unit by static mixer at near mixing head
- 2 sets for filter for Iso and Polyol
- 2 sets feeding pump from machine tanks to metering pumps
- 1 set of Air loading unit
- Necessary accessories and parts
- 2 sets of tank station 
- 2 sets x 300 liter for Polyol & Iso
- 2 Temperature control system incl. heater for Iso & Polyol tanks
- 4 Level gauge for all tanks
- 2 Heat exchanger for Iso & Polyol work tank
- 2 Feeding pump
- All piping and flexible hose , fitting.
- Necessary accessories and parts 
- Chiller for Iso & Polyol work tanks (30RT) ------- Buyer scope

Technical parameters:

Each pumps output of Polyol and Isocyanate Max.32ℓ/min at 50 Hz
Dispensing pressure Max. 220 bar / Min.   60 bar
Required viscosity Max. 2,000mPas
Discharging for work tanks Dry air or Nitrogen

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