Packing machine

The packing machine is for packaging and processing of neatly stacked finished panel. The packing machine developed by our company achieves the integrated packaging of the whole stack of composite boards on all sides.

Main feature:
1. It has the transmission function of both ends and the automatic packaging function of the whole panel length, including the front and back roller conveyer interface with roller table.
2. The rear roller table of the packing machine is divided into 2 sections, each section is 6m. One of the rollers is dense rollers, which are densely arranged, and the spacing ensures that the panels will not fall off.
3. The stacked panels are sent to packing through the conveying roller table. The discharge roller table can meet the lifting function of forklift and crane, which is convenient for the storage and transportation of finished panels.
Technical parameter:

Film thickness 25~35 um
Film width 500~600 mm
Packing speed 0~5 m/min (adjustable)
Roller width ≥1300 mm
Packing height: Max1200mm
Roller length >12000 mm

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