High pressure machine

The high pressure machine is composed of the main engine, the hydraulic drive system, the iron conveyor belt carrier formwork, the carrier formwork bracket, the carrier formwork heating system, and the electric control system.

Main feature:
1. The composition of the equipment: the equipment includes a gantry frame, a support frame, a base, two belt-type loading templates, a guide rail, an electric control cabinet, a hydraulic system, etc.
(1) Host: The host consists of a frame, a lifting beam, and a base.
(2) Hydraulic drive system: The hydraulic drive system consists of a hydraulic station, 16 lifting cylinders, a set of pressure-maintaining pumps, and corresponding high-pressure oil pipes and valves.
(3) Specifications of the loading formwork: length 12.5m, width 2.5m, thickness 100mm, composed of welded steel plates with belts attached to the surface. There are 2 loading templates, both of which are belt type.
(4) Loading formwork heating system: Loading formwork heating system consists of oil medium heating device, pump set, pipeline and corresponding temperature control device.  
(5) Electric control system: The electric control system is centrally controlled by the electric control cabinet, equipped with corresponding buttons, relays, temperature controllers, etc.
(6) Security system.
2. Press action interlock protection: hydraulic action interlock, hydraulic overpressure limit, low pressure automatic compensation, automatic loading and unloading platen limit.
3. There are emergency stop switches around the press.
4. There is an alarm light flashing when the movable platen goes in and out of the press.
Technical parameter:

Product thickness specification  50~150mm
Template size 12500×3200mm(including movable track shoes and upper and lower fixed template)
0.5mm Teflon belt on the surface of the upper template
3mm belt on the surface of the lower template
Template surface flatness ≤0.5mm/m2((template surface in contact with workpiece)
Overall clearance after the upper/lower formwork is closed ≤0.5mm/m2
Surface roughness Ra∠6.3um
Working height of mobile carrier formwork 700mm
Mould opening height 200mm
Equipment maximum clamping pressure: 300T
Closing time 45s
Clamping hydraulic plunger cylinder ¢100mm
Hydraulic station motor power 15kw
Maximum hydraulic pressure 20 MPa
Voltage: 50HZ、380V
Power supply four-wire three-phase AV380V, 50Hz
Control method PLC control
Working height of mobile carrier template 700mm

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