Levelling device

The leveling device includes adjustable feeding device, guiding and leveling device, hydraulic shearing device, adjustable hydraulic punching device, roll forming machine, hydraulic forming shearing & bending machine, electric control cabinet etc.

The main devices are as follows:
1. Adjustable feeding device: 1 set with position display.
2. Guide leveling device: 1 set.

Lead Roller Material and Quantity The guide roller is a rubber-coated roller
15-roll leveling, 7-up and 8-down
Leveling roller material 45#, hard chrome plating on the surface, heat treatment HRC46-52;
Motor power 2.2KW
3. Hydraulic shearing device:1 set
Hydraulic station configuration share hydraulic station with shear bending
Uncoiler hydraulic system pressure the last cut the head of the coil and the tail of each batch
No blanking shears, tool material Cr12MoV, heat treatment hardness HRC58-62
4. Adjustable hydraulic punching device:2 sets
Punch and tail hole mechanism 1 set for each left and right, can be called on both sides, and can be switched through the touch screen
Box and punching station placed on a mobile bracket to achieve synchronous adjustment (manual fine-tuning)
Punching material Cr12MoV
5. Roll forming machine:1 set
Width adjustment method plate width is adjusted in the middle, controlled by servo motor
Working height 900mm
Guide Configure secondary guide
Width adjustment On the basis of batch production, plates of different sizes are added to achieve alternate production, and the frame is processed as a whole after welding to ensure adjustment accuracy
Adjustment mechanism high-precision standard linear guide
Transmission mode gear sprocket transmission (all upper shafts have gears)
Number of molding passes 10 moldings
Roller material 45#, the outer surface of the roller is treated with high frequency HRC56-62, CNC machining, the surface of the roller is polished
Molding speed about 12.5m*/min
6. Hydroforming shearing & bending mechanism:1 set
Shearing method stop shearing, blanking shearing
Tolerance range After cutting, the end are automatically bent upward, and the bending angle of the end and end is 90 degrees tolerance ± 1 degree
Shear length tolerance and adjacent notch tolerance is ≤0.5mm
Oil pump power 4KW
Shearing pressure maximum 12Mpa
Shear material Cr12MoV
Heat treatment HRC58-62
Shearing tool  1 set
7. PLC console:1 set
Function Automatically control cutting length and cutting quantity
Forming length tolerance ≤0.5mm
Forming length tolerance ≤0.2mm 
Control voltage 24V
Main components of electrical appliances PLC (Siemens), touch screen (Siemens), encoder (Omron), dual photoelectric detection, etc.

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