Double layer packing box roll forming machine

The roll forming machine is made of high-quality bearing steel GCr15, quenched at 58-62 degrees. After direct quenching, the surface is finished without other treatment. The control system adopts Siemens PLC control system, and the cutting method adopts

The main feature:
1. Raw material specification: 1.2~1.5mm galvanized steel strip;
2. Uncoiling method: 3 tons manual uncoiling (coil inner diameter: 508mm);
3. Main motor power: 15KW;
4. Forming speed: 10m/min (including cutting time);
5. Number of rolls: 26 horizontal rolls and a series of vertical rolls;
6. Spindle diameter: 75mm;
7. Machine structure: archway type, single row 1.5 inch chain;
8. Roll material: high-quality bearing steel GCr15, quenched at 58-62 degrees, and the surface is finished after direct quenching without any other treatment.
9. Control system: Siemens PLC control system is adopted;
10. The frame is made of 450 channel steel, positioned on both sides;
11. Cutting method: adopt the method of tracking and sawing after forming;
12. Cut off motor power: 3KW;
13. Saw blade shape: cut by circular saw;
14. Cutting accuracy: ±2mm
15. The shortest cutting length: 2.5m (when the production speed is 5m/min)
16. Voltage requirements: 380V;
17. The length X width of the main machine: about 13.5 meters (cut off with the saw) X2 meters (including the external motor).
18. Beam-type unit replacement method: The boss part is replaced by hoisting, and the bracket is installed after lifting.
19. Time for replacement and commissioning of beam-type units: 1-2 hours (after workers are normally trained and qualified for independent work).
Technical Data:



Raw material specifications

1.2~1.5mm galvanized steel strip

Uncoiling method

3 tons of manual uncoiler (coil inner diameter: 508mm)

Main motor power


Forming speed

10m/min (including cut-off time)

Number of rolls

26 horizontal rollers and a series of vertical rollers

Spindle diameter


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