floor deck roll forming machine

The production line has the characteristics of low noise, stable transmission, convenient operation and beautiful finished products.

Process flow:
Uncoiling → Guided feeding → Plate lubrication → Roll forming → Cut to length → Finished plate 
Main structural form:
1. The uncoiler is composed of a frame and two cone heads. The frame is welded with profiles, steel plates and shot blasted.
2. Hoist the steel coil inside the loading rack, screw in the two cone jacks, press both sides of the coil tightly, and then release the lifting machine.
3. During normal operation, the board is manually introduced into the roller table formed by the main machine, and then the board is passively released with the work of the main machine, and the board is tightened under its own action.
Main feature:
1. This unit is composed of 4T manual feeding device, leveling device, transmission device, forming roller table and main engine (including guiding platform), cutting device after forming, hydraulic system, electric control system, finished product supporting device, etc.
2. Loading and uncoiling (put the steel coil into the inner support type opening frame and tighten it tightly), the two-roller clamp feeds the plate to calibrate and correctly import, level, roll forming, cut after forming, and the finished product is supported and discharged.
Technical parameter:

parameter unit
structure wall panel
raw materials Galvanized steel
Feed width approx. 1000
effective width 760/900
thickness 0.4-0.6
yield strength 350
forming speed 10
forming unit 14
spindle material 45# high quality steel, quenched
shaft diameter 75
main motor power 10
hydraulic station power 5.5
cutting method Hydraulic shear, cut off after forming

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