High Pressure PU & PIR foaming machine, HPM 28/28

This machine mainly consists of
-1 set of piping and flexible hose incl. mixing head,
-1 set of magnetic coupling for Iso only
-2 sets flow meter for Iso and Polyol and display on monitor
-2 sets of pressure gauge for delivery side

Main feature:
1. High pressure PUR foaming Machine for 2 components system
There is a common base frame made of welded steel construction for supporting the metering units, filters and electrical pressure switches.
Each metering unit is separately fitted for the Polyol and Isocyanate, and consists of an axial piston pump, coupling, flanged A.C motor, pump support and safety valve.
The pump output can be adjusted infinitely by hand-wheel and scales fitted to the pump housing.
There is an automatic flushing device for the double mechanical shaft seal.
The pressure control device is separately fitted for the polyol and isocyanate circulating system and consists of a pressure valve set at 250 bar.
It is possible to control the minimum admissible pump pre-pressure as well as the minimum and maximum admissible foam pressure. The control unit consists of an electronic pressure gauge and indication device for the pre-pressure as well as for the high pressure circuit.
There is a component filter, designed as edge filter for polyol and isocyanate.
The edge filter is cleaned manually.
Electric control panel is PLC type including additional component metering unit.
2. Pentane + Polyol mixing unit (Pentamat)
1) Pentane metering unit, explosion proof
-1 double acting metering piston pump
- 1 flow meter, VC0.2          
- 4 ball valve
- 1 throttle valve              
- 2 pressure gauge
- 1 temperature gauge        
- 1 edge filter
- 1 static mixer 
- Pentane nozzle/needle assembly
2) Poly metering Unit
- 1 Polyol metering pump, Rexroth A2VK 28
- 1 flow meter, VC 1
- 1 low pressure gauge             
- 1 high pressure gauge
- 1 temperature gauges           
- 2 ball valve
- 1 edge filter                     
- 1 motor for polyol
- 1 magnetic coupling for polyol pump
3) Hydraulic Unit for pentane piston
- 1 hydraulic unit, 100Liter
- 1 variable displacement pump
- 1 proportional valve for close loop control
4) Electric Control Unit (Mitsubishi PLC)
5) Gas detector & safety controls   -----------  Buyer scope
-  2 gas sensors 
- 1 control unit   
6) Polyol + C-Pentane Storage tank, 300 Liter
double-walled for temperature control with unpressurized water, made of normal steel,
with stirrer with parallel inspection pipe for optical filling level display
and with possibility for connecting level switches which are adjustable in height ;  coml.
With all necessary fittings and accessories as well as connector for Nitrogen filling.
Technical parameters:

Machine Output (60HZ)
- A, B Mixing Ratio  =  1 : 1~3
 - Output /sec   HPM 28/28  :  320g ~ 1,500g/sec
Mixing head
Manufacturer    Korea head
Mixing head model MXS 25-2C (Straight head)
Each pumps output of  Polyol and Isocyanate Max. 100kg /min  at 60 Hz
Dispensing pressure

Max. 220 bar
Min.   60 bar

Required viscosity Max. 2,000mPas
Discharging for work tank Dry air or Nitrogen

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